High Tech Gadget to Keep your House Spic and Span

With the advent of technology and cheap robotics, more and more devices are being developed using these tools to help users keep the house clean. Making chores easier through the application of technology has been important to society since the first washing machines helped women speed up domestic chores. These days we have dishwashers, electric mops, and robotic vacuums to help out around the house, too. Here are some of the latest tech innovations for helping you clean the house.

Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum Cleaner

Although the Roomba has been on the market for years now, other companies are in competition to create the next great automated vacuum. For those who live with hardwood, tile or vinyl flooring, this new device might be a better fit for your home. The vacuum is covered in a colorful fluffy ball that removes easily and can be washed in a washing machine. Simply wash the cover and replace it and the little ball will keep your floors free of dust and dander.

Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner

A slightly more expensive option, this robotic vacuum is made with hardwood floors in mind. The cleaning part of the device can be covered with microfiber cloths or disposable cleaning pads, such as Swiffer Sweeper pads. Much like a Roomba is navigates the home automatically, but it is designed to run much quieter than the competition, so no more annoying vacuum noises when you set it to cleaning. It also has a long battery life for larger homes.

Winbot W730 Window Cleaning Robot

For those who ‘don’t do windows,’ this is like a Roomba for your view. With two cleaning pads and a squeegee built in, this little robot has all it needs to clean windows of all sizes. It can even be used to clean glass shower stalls and high up, hard to reach windows. As long as you can reach the bottom sill to set the Winbot in place it can do the reaching for you and clean windows of all sizes, both framed and frameless.

Airmega Air Purifier

This amazing air purifier will clean your home air of allergens, pollen, and smelly particulates. If you are prone to allergies, this device can make your home a safe zone of breathable air. The device can also join your home network of other devices by connecting to your smartphone via an easy app. This will let you check the status of your air filter and current air quality, so that you can keep it running in tip top shape.

CleanWave Portable Sanitizing Wand

This smart and affordable device will let you clean your home without using chemicals. The wand has a powerful UV light that runs for several hours on a charge. Simply wave the wand close to the surface of counters, couches, and even floors. The UV light will kill any germs, bacteria, or allergens on the surface so all you have to do is wipe up after with a damp cloth, and you can be safe knowing your surfaces are sanitized. This is a great device for kitchens and bathrooms, where many germs can congregate and cause health issues.


Although the cheapest product on this list, CyberClean should definitely be in every home and office. The specially formulated putty is easy to sue to clean out the tiny cracks and crevices in keyboards, smartphones, iPod chargers, and anywhere else that can be difficult to clean. Simply press the putty against the surface and the compound will mold into and around the keys or fan covers of any electronics. Dust, germs, and allergens stick to the putty, leaving the surface perfectly clean when you peel it away. Simply fold the putty over and the particles are trapped in the putty forever. You can reuse the putty multiple times, and a simple color chart on the package will let you know when it’s trapped as much dust and dirt as it can.

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