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Here is What You Need to Know Before Buying a Refurbished iPad

Consumers may be under the impression a refurbished electronic had something wrong with it and then it was fixed and put back on the market.  Well, this is the case but not for every refurbished product.  There could have been a defective part or someone may have bought it and returned it for something else. In other words, a refurbished device is just as good as new.  In the case of the iPad, you can choose to purchase refurbished devices from the company directly or purchase from an authorized dealer.  Refurbished iPads are affordable and cheaper than new ones, but the idea of it being refurbished hasn’t stopped millions of people from buying their own. Here is additional information you should know before buying a refurbished iPad.

Who Are Considered Authorized Retailers?

If this is your first time purchasing a refurbished product you may not have an idea of who is considered an authorized dealer or seller.  These are places given special authority by Apple to sell refurbished items to the public.  Apple also provides refurbished products and the warranty they offer is sometimes better that getting it from a retailer location.  Established retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart are other options.
Knowing who is an authorized retailer is important. It ensures customers purchasing a refurbished product are getting a genuine device. If you have concerns or issues with your device you should be able to contact them for insight and support. Auction sites such as eBay are other options. There are flash sites online that offer quick sales on such devices like  Be cautious when using such sites to ensure you purchase from a trusted seller. A repair shop that offers services for electronics may offer refurbished devices for sale.

Make Sure Repair Facility Has Proper Verification

One note to make about purchasing from a repair shop is to verify their services.  In other words, they should have no problem providing proof they are authorized by Apple to sell and repair iPads.  They should have certification they are allowed to sell and/or service refurbished devices. Look for this information before purchasing.  If a deal is too good to be true you may want to look elsewhere. You should also learn about return policy and warranty; it neither is offered consider looking elsewhere.

Test Device before Buying

If you are looking to purchase directly from a dealer and you can inspect the product in person, see if you can try it out before buying.  Make sure it comes with original accessories or genuine Apple accessories such as the charger.  This may not be possible if you are making your purchase online, but you should have a period in which you can use the device and send it back if there are issues without additional fees.

Know How to Inspect It before Purchase

When purchasing something that is considered used, inspect it carefully.  You may have concerns about what to look for or what to do if you find something wrong or detect a defect.  Depending on where you purchase your product you can contact them and let them know of your discovery.  There are also helpful tutorials online about how to inspect a refurbished iPad for additional insight on what to look for.

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Warranty Details

Warranty details will vary depending on where you purchase your device.  Apple offers a full year warranty and up to two years through AppleCare if you purchase a refurb through them directly.  Other retailers may offer a limited warranty lasting 30 to 60 days from purchase.