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How to Identify Fake iPhone Chargers

There have been many cases of iPhone users experiencing problems with their accessories including chargers.  Unfortunately, the black market is loaded with counterfeit chargers for iPhones that can actually damage your phone or even put your life at risk.  In recent years incidents in the United States, China, and other locations have occurred using fake iPhone chargers.  Such incidents have led to iPhone users getting burned, electrocuted, and even death.
Users may be tempted to purchase accessories that are really cheap to save money, but keep in mind if it is not made for your device using the right materials (being authentic) it could lead to trouble.  If you are planning to purchase an iPhone charger from someone other than Apple, here are some tips to ensure the product is the real deal for your device.

Pay Attention to Printed Details on Charger

Authentic Apple products will have printed information on the charger that is correctly spelled and something that is often found on most of their accessories and products.  Apple chargers will have an authentic spelling something along the lines of “Designed by Apple in California.” There are counterfeit chargers that will have variations of this written and it may be spelled wrong.  For example, the company name “Apple” may be spelled with two B’s or the print may have information that is simply bogus.  Apple has made changes to how their chargers are designed from the inside out.  Paying attention to small written details can help signal a red flag.

The Device Doesn’t Charge Up

There are a few indications the counterfeit charger is no good or it could spark trouble.  There have been reports of fake chargers failing to actually charge the device (or it doesn’t work).  Others say the fake charger is quick to get really warm.  Authentic chargers are made with proper materials that allow for a solid charge when connected to the device.  A fake charger is made with poor quality material since makers don’t take the time to use the right materials to produce stable energy.  Counterfeit chargers will not have mechanisms inside that help prevent electrical surges or overheating. In other words, you could be putting not just your device at risk but yourself.

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Cost of Charger is Very Cheap

When seeking an Apple charger for your iPhone on average they may cost about $20.  On the black market fake chargers can be as cheap as a couple of bucks.  Those selling fake accessories bank on people who are cash strapped or seeking a good deal to make their profit.  How the charger is made including plugs and connections may lead to why an authentic version costs a little more.  But, at the same time it is not worth trying to cut corners to get what is necessary for your device. Many people are happy to pay the extra bucks to ensure their accessory is the real deal.

Dealer Selling the Charger is Not Authorized

If you are not sure who is considered an authorized dealer for Apple products contact Apple.  They may have this information on their website.  An authorized dealer is someone Apple gives permission to sell their accessories. They are likely the next best thing besides going to an actual Apple store.  If you are purchasing what looks to be an Apple accessory from someone not considered an authorized retailer or seller, think twice before purchasing.  It is not worth the risk of getting yourself hurt or damaging your device.  Many consumers can find a good deal through an authorized seller by doing a little more research.